About the Product

Accurate Devices Expert Patients

The ADEPT API Plug-in

The ADEPT API plugin sits between your clinics remote patients and the clinical database. The plugin adds accuracy information to any remote data gathered by the patient.

AI Powered Device Accuracy Algorithm

The ADEPT API uses machine learning to analyse the accuracy of medical devices or wearable data and flag any potential problems from the devices. These problems may represent an issue with the device itself or how it is being used by the patient.

Accuracy Scores

The ADEPT API generates an objective indication of the accuracy of medical data from remote medical devices. The medical data is scored, graded, and marked as either accurate or inaccurate.

Feedback To Patients​

The best thing a patient can do is get accurate timely data for their doctor. The ADEPT plugin keeps the patient informed about how well they are doing and can give them a gentle nudge to help improve their data accuracy.

Data Accuracy Insights​

The accuracy data that the ADEPT plugin gathers give deep insight into patients and devices. Which patients require targeted coaching? Which devices are giving the best results?